Newsletter for the week of March 8th-14th 2021

32 Then his master summoned him and said to him, ‘You wicked servant! I forgave you all that debt because you pleaded with me. 33 And should not you have had mercy on your fellow servant, as I had mercy on you?’

Matthew 18:32-33

Upcoming at FCCBC:

What is Lent? Part 4: Matthew 18:32-33

“The God’s Heart Podcast”

Starting in January the Disciples Download will be rebranded as “The God’s Heart Weekly Podcast.” There you will find discussions about ministry in our times, practical wisdom and Biblecal Exegesis to help you live day to day in our changing World. The God’s Heart Podcast will return next week with a Pastors Roundtable discussing Pastoral Ministry during the last year.

DBF Offering: You can still contribute to the DBF throughout the week and throughout the year through sending your DBF Offering to Tim Hietland with your reguarlar ofering.

Spring Forward: Daylight Savings Time endsbegins s weekend so please remember to turn your clocks forward 1 hour.


Thank you from the Faulkner Family: Erin would like to thank everyone for the birthday gifts and all the cards she received this week for her Birthday. Your gifts are a blessing and will be well loved for years to come.

Friday Prayer: Friday Prayer Friday from 8AM-5PM Rev. Jonathan will also be on Facebook Live at 9:30AM.

March Food Pantry Needs:   

Cereal, Juice, Pancake mix, Syrup, Jam, Cookie mix

Will an Apology make us a Laughingstock?

In recent sermons I have mentioned the idea of making a formal apology, a suggestion that was passed on to me by Tim Deihl when I first got here and which I have waited to bring up until I had been here awhile and was able to get the lay of the land. One of the objections to this that came up in the conversations I had about this idea this week was that: “Apolgoizing would make us a laughingstock.” I do not think this is true. For one thing, it takes a great deal of strength to say what has been suggested: “This is the history we are assocaited with, we acknoledge that and we are sorry for that are promise to strive to do better.” Just apologizing though isn’t all we want to do, and it wasn’t all Tim wanted you to do.

Because here is the other thing I know. If we follow up that apology with a sincere effort to do and be more like Jesus, serving our community in the manner that Jesus served those around us, the ones who become the laughing stock are the ones who might have laughed at us for apologizing in the first plaee. This is something Jesus understood, so did the writer of Proverbs. If you serve those who persecute you, if you honor them, if you lift them up and build them up, then you are not the one who looks foolish, they are. That is why I said Sunday that our actions will always speak much lourder than our words.

And let me add that it does not matter if the towns perception is the one that is wrong. We cannot control what the town does or thinks, but we can control what we do and how we live the Jesus life in the Jesus way, and the blessings that come with that iare worth taking a temporary hit for the long haul advantage of reaching people with the Gospel here in Buffalo Center. It is also true that if we want to reach younger people in this town, humble service is the way to do that, humble service that recognizes where we may have erred in the past and a commitment to do better that is followed up with the action of actually doing better. Rev. Jonathan David Faulkner

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