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“If anyone causes one of these little ones who believes in me to stumble, it would be better if a millstone be tied around his neck and be thrown into the lake.”

Mark 9:42

Upcoming at FCCBC

What is Lent? Part 2 – Mark 9:33-50

“The God’s Heart Podcast” Starting in January the Disciples Download will be rebranded as “The God’s Heart Weekly Podcast.” There you will find discussions about ministry in our times, practical wisdom and Biblecal Exegesis to help you live day to day in our changing World.

Communion Sunday, March 7th: Pre-filed Communion Cups can be picked up for those attending remotely on Friday Sunday February 29th and Friday March 5th.

New Daily Breads: The Daily Breads for March, April and May have arrived and can be picked up at the Church during Friday Prayer or on Sunday Morning. Some should receive them with the newsletter this week or next.

Results from 2020 Absentee Ballots:

2021 Budget: Passed – 35-0
2021 Officers: Passed – 35-0
Deacons Proposal: Passed 34-1

Lamenting The Death Toll,

For the sake of argument, lay aside all the cultural arguments and varying opinions about the COVID1-19 Death toll. This week, the second week in Lent, we will likely pass half a million deaths that are related to COVID1-19. That is 500,000 image bearers of Christ which have died due to a Pandemic that was politicized and weaponized by the cultural forces in our nation. We should repent of those sins, but that is not the point of this section.

The point is that this number, that death toll is something that we as Christians should lament. Not just because death is a sad, but because these were image bearers, created b God and loved by God, many of whom may have never heard the Gospel and are awakening to a very unpleasant reality. This is something we should lament, and hitting this milestone during a season when we practice lament should encourage us to do just that.

Lament is what comes from that feeling of devastation that is often assocated with traumatic events. The prophet Jeremiah wrote an entire book lamenting the fall of Jerusalem. Psalm 51, as well as being a psalm of penitence is also a psalm of lament. We mourn and grive because something or someone is lost and their absence is devastating. Remember N.T Wright worte that: “The Church is called to be the people of God at the place where the world is most in pain.” If we are all honest, we feel that lament deep inside when we see the death toll, it is uncomfortable for us, but next time you feel it, here is what I want you to do. 1. Stop and acknoweldge that is what you are feeling. 2. Pray for the families who have lost loved ones, for all who are grieving and 3. Praise God for the life all around you. If you do this, you will be better for it and will be better able to walk with those who are grieving in the future for all the reasons we grieve in this life, not just global pandemics.

Rev. Jonathan


Friday Prayer: Friday Prayer Friday from 8AM-5PM Rev. Jonathan will also be on Facebook Live at 9:30AM. There will be no Friday Prayer this Friday, February 26th.

February Food Pantry Needs: Can Fruit, Can Veggies, oups, Saltine Crackers, Snack Crackers, Cake Mix

How Can I give to the Ministry of FCCBC?

Remember we are still carrying on Ministry in Buffalo Center and around the World through our Missions Partners. Financial Offerings can be sent to Assistant Secretary Tim Hietland. If you would like his address please email Rev. Faulkner at jon.faulkner.arl@gmail.com

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