Newsletter for February 15th-21st

“Because He was teaching his disciples, he said to them. “The son of man is going to be delivered into the hands of men, they will kill him, but after three days, he will rise.”

Mark 9:31

Upcoming at FCCBC

What is Lent? Part 1 – Mark 9:30-32

Important Information:

“The God’s Heart Podcast”

Starting in January the Disciples Download will be rebranded as “The God’s Heart Weekly Podcast.” There you will find discussions about ministry in our times, practical wisdom and Biblecal Exegesis to help you live day to day in our changing World. This week Pastor Katie Mason joins me to talk about the RZIM report and how we understand it and what we can do in light of it. You can find the Podcast here:

New Daily Breads: The Daily Breads for March, April and May have arrived and can be picked up at the Church during Friday Prayer or on Sunday Morning. Some should receive them with the newsletter this week or next.

Results from 2020 Absentee Ballots:

2021 Budget: Passed – 35-0
2021 Officers: Passed – 35-0
Deacons Proposal: Passed 34-1

Why Ash Wednesday

As most of you know, congregationalists view today as Ash Wednesday, the first day of the season of Lent. Ash Wednesday is called so because it is typcially a day to remind of what Geneesis teaches us, that we are made from dust and that we will one day return to dust. For many of us living in a materialstic culture, it is a humblng day, it reminds us that our accumulation of stuff will not matter when we stadn before eternity.

But it should humble us in another way, but reminding us that everything in this world, it’s people, it’s kingdoms, it’s posessions, are going to one day fade away. That no matter what you did, owned or said for your glorification, self-satisfaction, self-agrandizement is nothing but ash and dust that can disappear in a heartbeat and which you cannot take with you when you go. This measn that living just for this world alone is only going to lead to our dissatisfaction and disallusionment.On the other hand, Christians should avoid, at all cost, escapism, the idea that we are just here to escape this world and its evil.

This is what the Jesus way offers us, a way to live in the world, while not being of the world. A way to make the world better, not because of us, but because of Christ living in us. That starts, the Jesus way starts, with us repententing and lamenting our fallenness and sinfulness, our greed and aspirations to god-hood. Ash Wednesday reminds us why this is the starting point, because we are dust and to dust we will return. Unless we repent and turn from our self service to God’s service, then we find the glory revealed in the transfiguration awating these tired eyes.

I love you Church

Rev. Jonathan


Thank you from the Silber Family:  A special thank you to our church family for the food, cards, prayers & sympathies extended to us during this time of the loss of my Mother, Genie Hoeppner. Your kindness & generosity  shown to the family is greatly appreciated. It’s comforting to know the angels escorted  her into heaven and she’s singing praises in the heavenly choir. – Sincerely, Emily & Chuck Silber and Families, Linda & Bob Lovgren and Families and Burdette Charles Hoeppner and Daughter

Friday Prayer: Friday Prayer Friday from 8AM-5PM Rev. Jonathan will also be on Facebook Live at 9:30AM. .

February Food Pantry Needs: Can Fruit, Can Veggies, oups, Saltine Crackers, Snack Crackers, Cake Mix

How can I donate to FCCBC?

Remember we are still carrying on Ministry in Buffalo Center and around the World through our Missions Partners. Financial Offerings can be sent to Assistant Secretary Tim Hietland. Please contact the church for his address. We are fortunate to have men who are trustworthy over seeing our offering during the Pandemic.

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